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Tyl's first word is 'puss'. Well sort of, he says 'chssss' or 'tssss' whenever he sees one of our cats. Macka is his favourite, because he doesn't scramble as soon as he catches a glimp of him. He even allows Tyl to pluck copious quantities of hair from his fur, although he does put the limit at pulling his tail.

His second word is 'Wof', which gives you an idea of how much he loves his big brother. Although it is not clear if it really qualifies as his second word, because we only think we heard him say it a couple of times.

For the moment, he doesn't have the urge to say 'mummy' or 'daddy', so we know what our place is in his ranking. I did get him to wave bye-bye. At first he thought it was just one of my crazy ideas, but at the moment he is really in to it. Everyone he gets into sight gets a very enthousiastic wave, and he won't stop until you waved back at him. When Mrs.B took him out to go shopping this weekend, he waved to every single person they saw.

Room With A Poo

One of our cats has diarrhoea, the problem is we don’t know which one. The last couple of days we found piles of vomit too. That just happens from time to time. But now it’s really getting serious.

This morning I entered the cats room and I almost stepped in an apocalyptic landscape of green, watery pools and droplets of poo around their climbing post. One of them had obviously been sleeping on the ‘upper terrace’ while he had suddenly experienced a very acute attack of the runnings. There was slimy green poo on the top level of the climbing post, another pool on the terrace below, a couple of droplets one level down and a big pool at the foot of the climbing post. There was also a spray of droplets that had flown in the direction of the coat hanger, luckily the pressure was not high enough to reach our coats and the wall underneath.

Still, it cost me the better part of half an hour to clean it all up. And then I had to make sandwiches for lunch. Very nice!

My love duck is taking the two of them to the vet’s this evening, he can sort out which one has rocket-poo and which one is innocent. If he doesn’t prescribe anything, I still got a couple of wine-corks from when we had visitors a week ago.


17 days and counting to day ‘M’

When I woke up and stumbled into the kitchen a couple of days ago, I found that the floor was covered in uncooked spaghetti. We don’t have the habit of storing our pasta on the kitchen floor, even when the cupboards are completely stacked with it and with other stuff. Our apartment has many spare rooms for such cases of overflowing cupboards in times of pasta plenty.

Given the fact that it was still very early in the morning, my brain was unwilling to process this strange information any further. Instead, it ordered my foot to do an investigative prod, after which it decided this was just too much to handle before 7 o’clock. When I returned to the kitchen, she-who-is-horrendously-active-during-mornings already cleaned up the mess, which made my brain very content and thereby the incident was closed.

The next day however, when I returned home from work I found a similar scene. Although she-who-will-be-my-wife-in-exactly-17-days had secured the spaghetti in a glass jar of reasonable size and weight, a criminal gang of at least two had managed to cover the kitchen floor yet again with Italy’s most well known culinary product. I caught the culprits red-handed, or should I say red-pawed? (I probably shouldn’t, it sounds ridiculous and if by now you haven’t figured out this post is about our cats, please contact your physician)

Yes, it was the cats that did it! <shock and awe gulf through my readers all over the world>


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always believed that cats are carnivores. I never saw a lion on National Geographic that stalked a herd of tagliatelli. Jaguars and panthers generally don’t ambush plates of macaroni-with-cheese. Cheetahs did not develop into the worlds fastest runners in order to tackle light-footed cannelloni. Yet our feline foes seem to be crazy about pasta. I already noticed they will go nuts about a drop of tomato-sauce dropped on the kitchen floor. At night we can here the rattling of dirty dishes and pots when we had something with tomato-sauce for dinner. And now this!


I think it’s time to put my collection of Garfield comics behind solid bars.

Breaking the law

This was going to be a post about a set of very strange postcards I once bought. Was, because I wanted to scan them to show them to you. But when I lifted the cover of the scanner, I noticed to my gigantic horror that the glass of the scan bed was completely shattered. The police identified the probable suspects as two males, both wearing a fur coat, one white and one grey with stripes. They are known by many names, such as ‘that whiner’, ‘bad puss’ and ‘bloody cat’, but their real names are Snijeg and Macka. Should you come across one or both of these fugitives, contact your local police station. Extreme caution is advised, since both culprits are armed to the teeth – meaning exactly that, they bite. Preferably in electrical wiring.

So now I can probably throw away a perfectly good and rather expensive scanner. I think I’ll tie those two on it when I shove it into the trashcan.

Printer Prowl

Macka is always fascinated by the sound of things that slide back and forth, for instance when we wipe the table or a kitchen cupboard with a sponge. After he once heard the sliding noise that came from within my inkjet printer, he got a real fascination for the printer head that he can just see moving back and forth, tantalisingly close to his reach. When he follows the printer head, his own goes left to right, as if he was following a game of tennis.

Our little tiger prowling on the printer head

Our little tiger prowling on the printer head

Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls…

The deed is done. Our tomcats are tomcats no more. Their jingly bits are no longer jingling. That’s right folks, we had them castrated. There was little choice in the matter, we have two tomcats in an apartment (although a rather large one), so the risk that they would start spraying to mark their territory was very real. When tomcats spray, the smell is awful, so it was a matter of self protection. In the age old battle between the interests of furniture and cats, the furniture won again.

Computer Cat

At the dawn of the age of informatics, computers were huge electro-mechanical machines that filled entire buildings. Before the advent of transistors and silicon chips, one’s and zeroes where formed by mechanical switches, that opened and closed. Sometimes, things wouldn’t work, and then the computer specialists – a whole team was needed to maintain and operate one of these – had to find out where and what the problem was. Often, trouble was caused by insects, who crawled under, over and between the racks of equipment.

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