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Honeymoon Pictures II

Time for some more pictures of our honeymoon in Ecuador.

When we were in the jungle, we visited a local primary school where this lot terrorise their poor teacher. I think the Kiwi couple that accompanied us drove the teacher mad after they gave every child a 'clicker' toy.

The Indigéna family we stayed with had a row with their neighbours after they had eaten their previous pet turtoise

Our guide showed us how to find gold, so we were practically able to earn the cost of our honeymoon back.

In our next jungle lodge, parrots flew in by sunset to pick up some leftovers from the kitchen. When there were no leftovers they decided themselves what part of our food was for them and what should be left over for us.

This maggot was offered to us as a snack. Apparently it's delicious when baked, but you can also eat it raw. It's also very healthy. No wonder hamburger and fries is so popular all over the world, while you rarely find an 'All You Can Eat Maggot Hut' anywhere.

This woman is preparing 'Chicha', a local alcoholic drink made - in this case - of manioc. Because they traditionally don't have yeast, the women take this pulp in their mouths and chew it. We were offered some to drink, and I think I was the only one who know the details about this 'brewing' process, in any case the guides didn't inform us. And even without this knowledge, it's an acquired taste.

That's all for now, more later.

Honeymoon pictures I

How about some pictures from our honeymoon to Ecuador? Do I hear a yes? Anyone? Oh, what the heck, I'm not going to wait until the internet really becomes interactive...

The side portal of the cathedral of Quito

Backpacking to the hot springs of Papallacta. From left to right: my wife, the kiwi couple (New Zealand) that travelled with us and our GAP guide.

A small chameleon in the tropical rain forest in the east of Ecuador.

I spotted this spider on a boulder in the middle of a small stream. It was as big as my hand!

A jungle pool close to our cabin.

We hiked a day trough a jungle stream with a lot of waterfalls. This is our guide on his way to fasten the rope on which we could steady ourselves. Often we only had the rope to climb the slippery and steep rocks.

On one of these climbs I jammed my bare shoulder in a rock next to the waterfall. Needless to say the rock didn't survive the collision. I also suffered some minor damage, my shoulder was bleeding a bit. Since open wounds can get seriously infected in a tropical forest before you can blink with your eyes, our guide / medicine man treated me with a plant that has antiseptic and antibiotic characteristics. Anyway, as you can see I got used typing with only one arm...

On our way we met this (young) Bushmaster snake. It's very venomous and our guides got a bit apprehensive, but luckily he'd already eaten a tourist that day so we could pass it without getting harmed. Notice that the photo is blurred due to the photographer trembling with fear (and bad light conditions and a 200mm zoomlens at maximum range).

Can you find the stick-insect? If it wasn't for the guide we'd never have seen this one.

Local women are a bit shy, but our guide's wife was a great cook.

So, that's all folks (for now).


Honeymoon Hangover

We arrived back from our honeymoon, after a gruelling 24 hours of travelling by taxi, plane, another plane, yet another plane, train, bus and tram. We brought with us a whole heap of souvenirs such as a leather cowboy hat that fits me better than John Wayne, a bunch of sweaters made of soft Alpaca wool, a woollen hat for every child in the family, T-shirts and so on.

And I brought home a severe case of diarrhoea.

I had bad luck with the last couple of lunches in Quito, every time I picked out the wrong food in the wrong restaurants. So my intestines began to protest. Add a nice triple jet-lag to that and I found myself lying awake all night while my innards produced strange sounds and frighteningly bad smells. It still hurts a lot, so I didn’t go to work today and I have a doctor’s appointment at three. I hope there won’t be too much traffic in our street at that time, I don’t want to be condemned for trying to gas a couple of dozens of bystanders.


My first marriage lasted only two weeks, I already got remarried. Mind you, it was with the same woman.

When we were in the rainforest, we stayed a couple of days in a jungle lodge with an Indian (or Indigena) family. When they heard we just got married, they decided to organise a proper - Amazon - marriage for us, according to the traditions of their tribe.

So my wife, who became my fiancee once again, was dressed up with a beautifully decorated scarf. It really suited her heavy trekking boots. I on the other hand wore a poncho (with a large red cross on the back and on my chest) and a hat. The daughters acted as my fiancee's withnesses, and I was accompaneed by the two sons. They took us by the hand and we did a kind of dance, while the father sang the appropriate wedding dance song. We were facing each other and then shuffled towards the other each at our turn and accompanied by our young withnesses/guides. This went on for a while, and my youngest whitness - I think he was four or something - started pinching his crotch with his free hand because he had to pee.

After ten minutes of shuffling back and forth we were officially married according to the tribe's ways and we were allowed to kiss each other again - much to my relief.

The father told us that in their weddings, people dance and drink all night, but we didn't get any booze that night! Maybe it's just as well, because a couple of days later at another local family, we got to taste 'Chicha' the local alcoholic drink made of maniok (or other plants). I do prefer a Belgian beer, especially when you know that Chicha ferments because the women take it in their mouth, mix it with their saliva and spit it out again.



Hard to find an internet cafe in the rainforest, I can tell you. We're having a wonderful time here. We suffered a bit from jet lag (make that an enormous bit) and we've been sleeping off the tension and hard work of the last months. Ecuador is a beautiful country with very friendly people, but we managed to pick the rainy season for our honeymoon. That's not as bad as it sounds, it generally rains in short but heavy bursts, which is not that bad if you're close to shelter. However, the rainforest didn't steal its name. Actually it should be called the 'humungously soaking and damp enormously entagled endless green wet place', but somehow that name didn't catch on. We've been criss-crossing the area of the main tributaries of the Amazon river for four days, and we got out all damp/wet, with our cloths smelly and muddy. We had to bring everything to the laundry shop today, as soon as we arrived in the Andean town of Banos.

There are hot baths here, courtesy of the nearby volcano, and yours truly is going to soak in them for a very long time. If I could only get Mrs. B. to give me a good massage there...

Honeymoon Dreams

It’s freezing cold here, the Russians aren’t coming but their weather is. Hello Siberia! So what better means of psychological resistance than ordering one’s honeymoon trip to a tropical destination?

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