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I went to the Institute for Tropical Medicine today, to get my shots for the coming trips to Niger and the Somewhat Democratic Republic of Congo (sDRC). The institute is just a stone’s throw away from our place, although the doctor didn’t seem too happy with me throwing stones at him.

Self Mutilation For Beginners

Carefully follow these instructions:

  1. Install phone at other end of apartment, at the other end of your cramped hall way.
  2. Open bathroom door a bit.
  3. Wait for girlfriend to call you up. When she does, careen through the house at excessive velocity to pick up the phone before the answering machine fires up.
  4. Ram left shoulder into opened door with all your force.
  5. Quickly end phone call before the pain will make you faint
  6. Stupidly take revenge on bathroom door, hitting it with the back of your right hand.

I've Seen The Sun Sack In The Sea (*)

Sunset over the beech in MiddelkerkeSunset over the beech in Middelkerke

Astronaut, Cosmonaut, Taikonaut

Yesterday, China launched its second manned spacecraft into orbit, where it still dangles on the time of writing. Maybe I should wait with this comment until both astronauts – sorry – taikonauts have safely returned, but it’s one way to deal with overpopulation. I just don’t see the point of building huge rockets, why didn’t they just build a human pyramid? I’m very glad that the Chinese government stated that the space program serves peaceful purposes only.

Time and trains are relative

Since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been devouring Orson Scott Card’s novel Ender’s Game. I discovered Card’s work through one of the sequels to Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow. As usual, the first book in the series was nowhere to be found in the whole kingdom of Belgium. That is, until I found it recently in an English bookshop in Brussels.

Fries! Camera! Action!

Beautiful weather today, as it was yesterday and will continue to be tomorrow. So during lunch-break, I decided to go for some walkies in the general direction of the Place Jourdan. It is mere coincidence that this nice, green, lively square has one of Brussels’ most famous fry shacks called “Maison Antoine”. Rumours have it that this is the best fry shack in Brussels, and even in the whole of Belgium.

DIY Pre-Marriage Test

Finally, after three months of hard labour, our living room is redecorated, although “restoration” is probably a more accurate definition. It all started with the simple observation that the wall-to-wall carpet in our rented apartment was looking a bit worn out, after some three to four decades of faithful service. The half a dozen or so clean spots really messed up its general, deep rooted filthy appearance. So it had to go. And instead of laying new carpet, why not simply cleaning up the nice, vintage wooden floor hiding underneath?

Washing Up

I just spent the last two hours (2 hours, that’s 120 minutes) washing the dishes. It’s not that we’re having that many people over for diner, it’s just the two of us who make everything dirty. But we’re not what you might call obsessed with washing dishes, or cleaning in general. I could pretend we did this out of ecological concerns, but face it, it would be a white lie of the kind you only find at total solar eclipses. We just hate it so much, we only let the water run the moment we are completely out of pots, pans, dishes, forks, knifes, etc.

Computer Cat

At the dawn of the age of informatics, computers were huge electro-mechanical machines that filled entire buildings. Before the advent of transistors and silicon chips, one’s and zeroes where formed by mechanical switches, that opened and closed. Sometimes, things wouldn’t work, and then the computer specialists – a whole team was needed to maintain and operate one of these – had to find out where and what the problem was. Often, trouble was caused by insects, who crawled under, over and between the racks of equipment.

The Whining Weblog of the West

I’m ill, although most of me isn’t doing so bad. But the part that is ill has a central function in my body, in that it links my head to the rest of my body. That’s right, my troth is infected. It started yesterday, when I was happily DIY-ing in our living room, laying the TV and radio distribution cables. It started as an itchy feeling but rapidly became more annoying. By lunch time, I had a bit of trouble swallowing and by the time we were leaving for the celebration of no less than three (3) babies in my girlfriend’s family, I had serious trouble swallowing.

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