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The Bart-Roast Is Excellent

Traveling to Niger may sound exotic, but a business trip is a business trip. I like the work I do here very much, but I won't bore you with stories of meetings and reports and so on.

I got pretty well used to the heat here, although I must confess I'm less active in the afternoon. It's murderous to go walking around in the full blaze of the sun.

First Impressions

So, I arrived well, albeit with a one-hour delay. Within five minutes of leaving the airport I saw a couple of camels. Niger is a beautiful country, but with the Sahara desert so close by it's bloody hot: between 31 and 35°C. And this is called the cold season here! So far things went great. I had an interesting weekend visiting the city of Niamey, its Petit Marché, the national museum (twice!) and two leather factories, one of which worked in a very traditional (and smelly) way. Photo's are following, but not during my visit. Internet is dead slow here.

Must go now, more info later.


Out Of Africa

So this is it, all geared up for Africa. I won't be able to post any articles on my weblog, but I think Haloscan will be accessible. So I'll try to keep you informed through the comments under this post. If not, we'll find each other again in three weeks time.

An Apple A Day…

I worked with Apple computers before I ever touched the keyboard of a PC. That was the age when Apple already had a Graphical User Interface with windows and folders and icons, while Intel based systems relied on long and often very complex DOS commands. Windows 3.0 was a humorous attempt to mimic the user-friendliness of the Macintosh computers. At that time, I was mostly involved in the editing and page lay-out of our college magazine. I worked on the machines of the faculty’s Media Center or on the Mac of a mate of mine.

Rolling Stones BC

Forests of the Baraque Fraiture during autumnForests of the Baraque Fraiture during autumn

Strike One… Strike Two…

Belgium has come to a standstill for the second time in a couple of weeks because of a general strike. The Christian (ACV/CSC) and the Socialist (ABVV/FGTB) trade unions organised the strike to protest against the federal government’s ‘Generation Pact’. For months, the government, the trade unions and the employers’ organisations have been negotiating this pact, and basically they agree on most of it.

AAOUATCHAOUA !!!! (prwooooooop!)


On Wednesday, my boss called in sick, but yesterday she came to work because she had an important meeting. So yesterday evening, my nose suddenly started to drip. This night, a woke up several times with a clogged nose and a head-banging headache. So thank you very much, my sweet employer for giving my a hell of cold. Either that, or I am the first person in Belgium with the bird flue. Which is quite possible because we ate guinea fowl on Wednesday. Does anyone know the incubation period for guinea fowl induced bird flue?


As you may have noticed, the Bartlog had a major break-down yesterday. This because of a deadly combination of an inquisitive female mind and information technology. My girlfriend wanted to read my weblog, to check if there aren’t any less truthful pieces of information about her person. Unfortunately, she did so while my weblog application, Thingamablog, was still active while I was busy as ever in the kitchen. Explorer was open too, and there she saw a folder with ‘weblog’.

Reaching Out To My Inner Italian

Well, the weekend was certainly busy. We had six friends over for diner on Saturday, so I spent a lot of time buying and preparing food, and almost got as far as washing up the dishes. It was the first time we received friends in our newly decorated living room, but we still had a lot of cleaning up to do. Luckily, my mother-in-law-to-be gave us a big hand by cleaning up the staircase, which looked like a post-war zone after I spilled plaster all over the stairs.

They’re Out To Get Me, Not Getting Me Out There

Two weeks ago, there was a national strike. Most of Belgium came to a standstill, largely because virtually no public transport worked that day. Much, if not all of this chaos passed me by, because as you may recall I was ill at the time. So I was quite happy to be lying in my bed while my fellow commuters desperately tried to get to work.

But THEY noticed.

THEY know.

THEY won’t let anybody escape…

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