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Tsunami In Bed

People who are fed up with reading blog stories about fathers going on about how their babies vomited all over the bed in the middle of the night and how they spent more than an hour cleaning up and changing the bedding while their spouses made another bottle of milk because the kid isn't holding any food down and loosing weight fast, should now click away.

My son vomited all over the bed in the middle of the night. I spent an hour cleaning up, changing all the bedding. In the mean time, Mrs.B was trying to get him to eat again and had to make a bottle of milk because Tyl had dried up the wells just before he puked. Because of a severe cold and a soar throat, he isn't eating well - and then there's the puking of course, so he's loosing weight fast.

We've been losing a lot of sleep this last week, and if Tyl's problems weren't enough, Wolf has been yelling me out of bed too on a far too regular basis.

I want to sleep!

A Grey Winter's Day

Close-up of Wolf (B/W)

Close-up of Wolf (B/W)


Happy 2011 from Tyl, Wolf, Mrs.B and myselfHappy 2011 from Tyl, Wolf, Mrs.B and myself

Happy 2011

Happy 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

Wolf went to the grocery's with his mum. While Mrs.B was choosing the veggies and the fruit for the week, Wolf was doing some shopping of his own. He found a tray with strawberries, picked one up, took a bite and put the rest back.

The shopkeeper was not amused. Especially because strawberries are very expensive now - that's what you get when people want to eat summer fruit during winter. So my wife had to buy the lot.

It's not Wolf's fault; he is used to go shopping in a big shopping mall where there's always something to taste. It's difficult for him to know what is there for tasting and what is not. So you always have to keep an eye on him.

That's something his mothers isn't going to forget soon...

It's Yellow Outside

Weekends, when people can rest after a long week at the office and stay in bed all through the morning.

People without kids that is. Wolf let me know quite early that he was awake. Winter time? What winter time? Play time, that's what it is. Oh, and by the way, he'd peed more or less into his potty, but not to worry, he'd mopped it up himself with a couple of paper hankies.

And so we got down the stairs, with him all cheerful and me grumbling because of the early hour and the smell of pee in the morning. Wolf looked out the small window in the hall.

'It's yellow', he said.

A bit puzzled, I looked out. It was still dark outside, and it was quite foggy. The light of the street lanterns coloured the fog yellow.

So it was yellow outside.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Both Wolf and Tyl are ill, Wolf has an ear infection and a lot of fever that just won't break. Tyl on the other hand has a bug in his tummy and does these giant explosions of vomit and puke. Mrs.B has to change clothes six times a day and I'll have to repaint the ceilings when this thing is over.

At night, we have these short naps that are painfully interrupted when one of the two starts to cry. My wife generally takes care of the baby, because her boobs have more milk than mine, while I run up and down between Wolf's room and the kitchen fridge where we have to keep his pain medication. His left ear is eating into his brain or something, it is very painful. On top of that he has this itch all over, although he doesn't have the mumps or anything.

At day, my wife and I stumble along, each day with less energy. The children get on our nerves, we get on each other's nerves and we're all heading for a nervous break down.

Yup, winter is approaching.

Black Smoke Of Death

With a loud bang and a mighty flash, my computer's power supply became toast. At the moment, it's unclear if this affected any other parts in the computer, such as for instance to name just one: my hard drive. If I remember well I recently made a back-up one year ago (-ish). So nothing to worry about.

I'd like to run to the store to buy a new power supply, but alas I am tied to the couch because of a nice case of bronchitis. Luckily, I have Wolf to keep me company, because he has the same symptoms. In fact, he started it all, he brought it home from school. So whether I'm going to get the rest the doctor prescribed me, is entirely open.

Maximum Thrust

Wolf and I brought Tijl and mummy home last Friday. Our little guy was welcomed by a room full of balloons, flags and banners. The cats were pretty welcoming too, which is surprising as they normally hide into the nearest tree as soon as they spot/hear/smell a baby. Macka was even very curious and after checking Tijl out, he welcomed him with a gentle nudge with his head.

Wolf really is a proud little big brother. The merest sound of Tijl and he jumps up to find his pacifier. And by Jolly he won't rest before that baby has that thing well and truly in his mouth!

The first nights were tiring, with Tijl waking up to drink every three hours, but taking an hour to empty each tit, so there was only an hour between each buffet. But now we can let him sleep for six hours in a row - not that he actually does that, but we don't have to wake him up any more.

They say that every child is different, and it's true. While Wolf was actively preparing for a career as a fireman, using any means to his disposal to douse the 'fire' (meaning us), Tijl has other ambitions:

I guess he wants to be an astronaut, but I really must explain to him that he can ride a rocket and that he doesn't have to produce the massive thrust needed to escape the earth's gravitational field all on his own. So far he managed to cover one bed, one sofa, one dresser and one mother in yellow, runny, smelly poo. The video gives an impression of what it means to stand in this jet.

The only difference is that no-one counts down, so it does come as a complete but nasty surprise.

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