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Tyl on his swing

Tyl on his swing

Raspberry Award

Just had a raspberry-blowing competition with my youngest son.

He won by about three litres.

All Night Long

The last three nights we slept. This may sound utterly obvious - unless you take us for a pair of sex crazed rabbits -  but with a baby sleeping is far from obvious (as is sex by the way). Ever since he was born, Tyl has woken us up one to four times a night. When I say 'we', I have to admit that the burden was more on Mrs.B shoulders, or rather on her tits, because she did the breast feeding thing and for some obscure reason my tits weren't qualified. Well I can only offer, you know. I even removed the hair and everything(*)

Anyway, Mrs.B played milk bar for seven months in a row, but then it was high time to switch to milk bottles because working full time and getting up at least once a night and producing milk all the time... It was just getting too much. So since a couple of weeks, we take turns feeding Tyl, but he is not pleased with the new regime. Instead of instant gratification, he now has to wait a couple of minutes before he gets served. And he voices his feelings of disagreement in a loud and clear manner... from the moment he opens his eyes until the very second that he gets his bottle. Neighbours four houses in every direction snarl at me every time I meet them and say hallo.

But now, for three blissful nights, he has generously granted us the opportunity to sleep for eight hours straight. I can't tell you how glad I am. My body slips in a total coma every night, in an effort to recuperate, but it will take a while before I've caught up with all those missed hours. On the other hand, every evening I go to bed afraid that it's just a temporary respite.

Well, we'll see. I'm going to bed now.

(*) not true

Tsunami In Bed

People who are fed up with reading blog stories about fathers going on about how their babies vomited all over the bed in the middle of the night and how they spent more than an hour cleaning up and changing the bedding while their spouses made another bottle of milk because the kid isn't holding any food down and loosing weight fast, should now click away.

My son vomited all over the bed in the middle of the night. I spent an hour cleaning up, changing all the bedding. In the mean time, Mrs.B was trying to get him to eat again and had to make a bottle of milk because Tyl had dried up the wells just before he puked. Because of a severe cold and a soar throat, he isn't eating well - and then there's the puking of course, so he's loosing weight fast.

We've been losing a lot of sleep this last week, and if Tyl's problems weren't enough, Wolf has been yelling me out of bed too on a far too regular basis.

I want to sleep!

And A Good Health To You

The new year is here, and everybody's wishing you a good health. Consequently, we spent the last week in hospital because Tyl was having a go for the world record 'Repetition vomiting'. The poor little guy was suffering from two viruses at once: one that took out his digestive system and another one that clogged up his head and chest with mucus. As a consequence, he didn't want to eat at a certain point and even when he got some food in, it was out before you could say 'supercallyfragilisticexpyallydocious' four times in a row.

So at four AM on New Year's morning - technically it was still night - Mrs.B drove him to the hospital while I guarded the castle and looked after his big brother. The physician that examined Tyl was adamant that he would be allright in a day or two - and kept that opinion all week long. So I spent the week driving up and down to the hospital, bringing essential supplies to the wife: underwear, baby clothes, frozen mother's milk to poor into the tube in Tyl's nose, toys, etc. etc. Meanwhile, I also had to entertain Wolf and I also ceased the opportunity of my wife's absence to tear down a large part of the kitchen.

But now Tyl is back home and although the kitchen looks like it has been redone by an Afghan warlord, we finally have a functioning second-hand dishwasher.

Things are looking up!


Happy 2011 from Tyl, Wolf, Mrs.B and myselfHappy 2011 from Tyl, Wolf, Mrs.B and myself

Happy 2011

Happy 2011

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Both Wolf and Tyl are ill, Wolf has an ear infection and a lot of fever that just won't break. Tyl on the other hand has a bug in his tummy and does these giant explosions of vomit and puke. Mrs.B has to change clothes six times a day and I'll have to repaint the ceilings when this thing is over.

At night, we have these short naps that are painfully interrupted when one of the two starts to cry. My wife generally takes care of the baby, because her boobs have more milk than mine, while I run up and down between Wolf's room and the kitchen fridge where we have to keep his pain medication. His left ear is eating into his brain or something, it is very painful. On top of that he has this itch all over, although he doesn't have the mumps or anything.

At day, my wife and I stumble along, each day with less energy. The children get on our nerves, we get on each other's nerves and we're all heading for a nervous break down.

Yup, winter is approaching.

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