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Tyl just spent a happy time plucking one after the other paper tissue out of the box. Of course I tried to explain to him that this was unwanted behaviour, unworthy of a responsible 2-year-old. He just smiled back, thinking 'yeah right'.

He is definitely in 'fun-mode'. Yesterday he produced a puke explosion of the slimey kind of 8.4 on the Richter scale. I had to use a shovel to dig him out of his bed, and then scram to the bathroom trying not to let him slip out of my grip. While Mrs.B hosed him down to get rid of all the bits of minced meat and strings of spagetti, I put on a biohazard suit to clean out his bed.

You know, he's such a cute little boy, but at times as this I seriously contemplate of putting him up for sale on e-bay.

Sleepless Nights

Drupal is a nice thing if it works.

IF it works.




Three fucking hoorays! Bartlog was in dire straits after an update of a Drupal module, which put my site in off-line mode. Not only that, but I was completely unable to log in too. So I simply couldn't get in to fix the problem.

Now in such a case, there is only one address really: the site. It contains masses and masses of information. Completely unreadable too. Typically, you would search for a solution to your problem. Then you'd find a number of articles with promising titles, making you go 'phew' and increasing your hopes of salvation. Any such articel will begin with a perfect description of your problem, so you think 'Yes! Yes, that's me! That's exactly the problem I'm having!'

Unfortunately, the author who is generally a super tech geek then veers off and starts to discribe all kinds of obscure options and scenario's that you won't need, such as 'Indicentally, if you need to replicate this behaviour on the CERN quantum computer, all you need to do is...' When you've finished reading the article, you have a pounding headache, but you are none the wiser.

Anyway, maybe this experience will teach me to make back-ups more often (i.e. not every fourteen months or something).

Wednesdays Are Painful

Wolf has a boo-boo and we have to apply some ointment on it twice a day.

Wolf: 'Mummy, what day is it today?'

Mrs.B: 'Wednesday'

Wolf: 'Oh no, then you mustn't rub the ointment on because it will hurt!'


I made a lovely lasagna today, with giant prawns and crab instead of the traditional bolognese sauce. When I say 'crab', I mean the industrially processed flavourless fish that is turned into food colour stained surimi sticks with various E-numbers thrown in to give it a taste that somewhat resembles that of real crab to somenone who has never been within a 1000 mile radius of a large body of water. We're not rich enough to make real crab lasagnas.

Anyway, it was really lovely. Altough the kids were not so wild about it. But maybe that was because it took me longer than expected to make the lasagna, so maybe they were just too tired to eat.

Rocky IX

Tyl had a traffic accident today. He was riding is bike - or rather his mother tried to make him ride his bike, under loud protest on his account - when he suddenly nose-dived towards the pavement. This is the result:

A couple of bruises on his forehead, a big nosebleed that took ages to stop because he kept rubbing his nose and a lip to make an elephant seal jealous. This picture was taken a couple of hours later, and he is smiling again (because of the camera flash), but after his little accident it took us ages to calm him down. He was really in shock, the poor little guy. It took several episodes of his favourite cartoon DVD (Hopla) and some cookies to calm him down.

And I don't think he will as much as look at that bike again for the next couple of weeks.

Brotherly Love




Draw Blood

I had a medical check-up on Monday. Once in a while employees in Belgium have to go through this mandatory procedure to check to what extent their employer has poisoned, maimed or irradiated them with uranium isotopes.

So after a little wait the nurse came for me. As I am the very image of health, I didn't have to undress. She just checked my eyes, and noticed I have two, which is apparently in accordance to the Belgian legislation. Then she asked me all sorts of questions in bad Dutch, so after a while I got embarressed because I had to say 'Excuse me?' repeatedly. But luckily she didn't conclude that I have a hearing deficiency from that.

Then she asked me if she could draw some blood - I assume it was for secret highly illegal government tests. 'Sure', I said because I didn't want to be taken for a feeble cry-baby.

What she forgot to mention however, is that she would use a corkscrew to open up my artery. So now I look like a veteran herroin addict.


Programming an undo button is very frustrating. First it takes you all this effort to get your application to do more or less what you want it to do, and then you have to spend all this time trying to make it undo what you got it to do in the first place.

And when you've finally finished with that undo button, you can start on the 'redo' button.


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