January 2010

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It's snowing again...

Frozen Feet For Haiti

I've been outside all day, collecting money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. I've been at home for a couple of hours now, but I'm still cold. If I accidentally touch Mrs.B's feet with mine during the night, she'll jump clean through the roof.

Lumpy Mayonnaise

The other day, we didn't feel like cooking because we had just conquered a mountain of dirty dishes and it was getting pretty late. So I went to Patrick's fry shack, our favourite address for Belgian delicacies.

As usual, I didn't order mayonnaise on the fries because we are such incredible cheap-skates. When I returned, Mrs.B took the mayo out of the fridge and catapulted a large dab on her fries.

'This mayo tastes funny', she complained. 'And it's all lumpy. I think it's off.'

I looked on the pot to check the preservation date.

'It smells funny too', she continued.

'No wonder', I said, 'this is no mayonnaise. It's garlic sauce.'

Snow White

The land of Belgium is white with snow. It's the first real winter in years, so we're teaching Wolf everything he needs to know about playing in the snow. I thought him how to make a snowball and throw it at his mother. Then his mother taught him how to make a bigger snowball and throw it at his father.

It escalated from there on.

Granddad brought my old sleigh, so we put Wolf on it and sleighed to the ice-skating rink. It took him a while to get used to the idea, but after a while he made good progress - pushing around a kind of support sled. The lady at the entrance let us take our sled inside, so when Wolf was tired I put hm on the sled and pulled him around. At the end, he even succeeded in making a whole tour on his own two feet, while I kept him upright under his armpits.

In any case, he was making much more progress than his mother. She clung on to the sideboard for dear life. In the end, she tried to 'skate' to the other side, but then the bell rung and we had to come off.

This weekend, the inside of our house was snow white too. Not because we had left all the windows open during the night while a snow storm was blowing over. No, I'm afraid it was all my own doing. After putting plasterboard on the ceiling and on the new wall in the bathroom, I had to fill in the gaps with plaster. This is an annoying job on its own, but then you have to sand everything and refill the gaps that remain and sand it again and... You get the idea.

After an afternoon of sanding I stopped and went downstairs, only to find my wife ironing in a living room filled with white mist. A couple of hours, the mist had settled, so now the whole house is covered in plaster dust.

And the worst part is that I haven't finished yet, so next weekend we'll have some more 'snow' inside.

Who Is This Anyway?

I finally figured it out: now you can add your name, e-mail, website, etc. with your comment, so no more 'Anonymous said this' and 'Anonymous said that'.

Unless you want to remain anonymous of course...

First Day Of School

Today was a big day for little Wolf, because he went to school for the first time. Anxious mommy and worried daddy brought him to the school gate in the early morning. It has been snowing here a lot these last couple of days, so we literally had to wade through centimeters of snow to get there.

Wolf was a bit apprehensive when we waited on the playing ground. When the bell rang, we found his teacher and met his new classmates. After all the toddlers were sorted, they went hand in hand in pairs to their classrooms. We went along to help him get his coat off, but we had barely taken his winter hat off when he stormed inside to check out all those cool toys (he barely has any at home of course).

And that was it. No tears, barely time to give a goodbye kiss because he was too busy prying toys out of other childrens' arms, no drama, nothing.

We scuffled off to the big city, to do some shopping (it is the winter sales period, hooray!). When we returned, Wolf was still as cool as the Fonz'. No mad dash to escape the clutches of his teacher, no never-leave-me-here-again. He said he had played a bit, and done a bit of painting and stuff. Painting! He's never painted before! It's a first, but for Wolf it was all in a days work.

It's hard to impress a toddler these days.

The New Me


Hi there and welcome to the brand new Bartlog! After four years and a bit, I thought it was high time for a major overhaul of this dusty old weblog. I bid farewell to Thingamablog, the blogging software I've been using all these years. It served me well, but it was becoming a bit cumbersome. It kept all my posts in a database on my home computer, and once a month it had to re-publish a large part of the complete weblog. So after a couple of hundreds of posts, this process would take more and more time. And generally, I would have to try several times to get the first post of the new month published, because the server timed out or cut the connection.

Speaking of servers, I also bid farewell to my Telenet server and hired me some webspace at Versio.nl. This finally enabled me to work with server-side applications, scripts and databases. After much pondering and studying, I decided on Drupal instead of Wordpress to manage this weblog. Drupal is a full content management system (CMS), and as such it can do more than Wordpress, which is more focussed on weblogs. But it has been a steep learning curve, to say the least. So at the moment it is functional, but I'll be tweaking it over the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, I was not able to import my old posts directly into Drupal. This means that I have to copy everything one post at a time to this new location. As you can see, I've transferred about one third so far, but it'll take me another couple of weeks to finish the job. However, I still haven't managed to transfer the Haloscan comments. I hope I won't loose them, but on the other hand I really don't feel like copying them one by one, as you can imagine.

For the fans of my photos - I get quite a lot of attention from picture hunters - this new weblog has a nice feature: a gallery of all the photos that I posted.

Last but not least, I've finally created a domain all for my self. Instead of going to http://users.telenet.be/be.bartlog/bartlog.html you can now find my adventures at www.bartlog.be. I think we can all agree that this new address is slightly easier to remember than the old one. Even I got it often wrong.

So a very happy 2010 and I hope you'll enjoy the new site!